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iLearn? Read, wRite and Research

iLearn – What does it involve?

Hi, this is Mrs Papazoglou’s brand new blog which explores my favourite topic of all time which is of course the topic of ‘learning’.  Learning includes the 3Rs which are:  Reading, wRiting and Researching.  I am very passionate about all of  these.  Fun and challenging information in lots of different formats are available today so I hope to assist you find them on your learning journey.  Of course, I have been reminded by Mrs Sutton that there is a 4th R, aRithmetic.  It’s not my strength but there are some very good resources in the Learning Resource Centre that can help you and me find information about how to extend ourselves in this area too. 

Reading & The Premier’s Reading Challenge

Reading is of course a huge passion for me.  So a special encouragement to all reading for the Premier’s Reading Challenge in 2011.

If you haven’t signed up and you are in years 7 to 10 or you forgot to read in term 1, there is still heaps of time – you have until August 31st to read 15 books and only 10 of these books have to be from the Challenge List.

In the Learning Resource Centre, we have put together a trolley with some very Fast Reads that are all on the list so don’t forget to check these out.

Keeping track and motivated to read

To keep you motivated you might like to use the   Wide Reading  Chart.  Save it and see the progress you are making year to year.  If you haven’t done so you might like to set yourself a reading goal; use the  Goal Setting 2011 document.

Sometimes it might help to stay motivated if you use a social networking site like Goodreads  If you sign up for an account, use the school email and a nickname for privacy.  Sign up with your friends.  Recommendations from friends can help you find a great book. 

My Favorite Song to help you stay motivated and thinking about book trailers

This is my favourite song at the moment.  You have to hear it from home because YouTube doesn’t work at school.

Julian Smith on YouTube \”I\’m reading a book\”

Enjoy the video and think about a way that you can promote reading at school.

The book I am currently reading


From Google Books

I am reading ‘Specials’.  It is the second last book in the highly acclaimed Uglies series  by  Scott Westerfield.  It is set in a world where everyone, girls and boys,  is made to think they are born ugly and have plastic surgery to become ‘pretty’ at 16 after which they go on to enjoy a glamorous lifestyle.  You would think that every one would be pretty happy to be perfect, wouldn’t you, but there is something sinister about the operation and some are fighting back; leading to risky and dangerous adventures on interesting vehicles such as hoverboards.  I love these books not only because they have thrilling adventures but they get me thinking and questioning the values in our society, in particular, how obsessed we are with looks and appearances.  Should people have plastic surgery to enhance their appearance?  Are magazines promoting an unrealistic view about body image and beauty?  If you are interested in the series go check out Uglies which is the first book.

iRead not only because I learn but because it is so enjoyable.  It is so cosy inside now with a good book and a steaming mug of hot chocolate. 

I know that many of you like to read too.  I know that in year 8 for example some students have told me they are really keen to read about The Diary of Anne Frank because they heard from their teacher about how it’s a real story about a real teenager who wrote about her life in World War II .  So this is what I’d like to know…

Answer these two questions – post a comment

(1)  What are you currently reading?  Which genre?  Is it in a series?  What do you like about your book? Or is there something you would like to read next and why?  Was it recommended to you?

(2)  And/or post a comment about Julian Smith’s video.  What ideas do you have for promoting books?

  To comment you need to look for the word ‘comment’ right at the bottom of the page and click on it. 

The word ‘comment’ is in very little writing so it might be hard to see.

I would be very interested to hear from you.

Keep reading everyone and remember to use the internet safely!  Mrs Papazoglou 🙂


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