Today, the Teen Library Advisors and Ms Sutton and Mrs Papazoglou went to see Harry Potter.  We had a fantastic time.  After viewing the movie, some of us might be inspired to read and re-read the books.  I know I certainly would love to.  My favourite part of the movie was when Harry captured Professor Snape’s tears in a phial and put it in the ‘pensieve’.  He went back in time and found that Snape really loved his mother and had always been protecting him.  It was very moving to see how much Snape had suffered.  What does everyone else like the best?  Mrs Sutton and I are really looking forward to your views. 

If you are in year 7 and 8,  please read the students’ comments and you can write a comment too.

Books into Movies

If you are in year 7 and 8 did you get to see Harry Potter?  While Harry Potter is set in modern times the setting and magic make it appear medieval.  There are many books that have been turned into movies.  Another one of my favourites is ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ which is a real tear jerker.  It is fiction but blends history and World War 2 and imagines a tragedy that could have happened.  If you have read a book that has been turned into a movie or watched a movie that is also a book then tell me something about it.  Which did you like best – the movie or the book?  What did you enjoy about it?

Historical Fiction

This month the spotlight is on historical fiction.  Historical Fiction allows us to step back in time and experience the world of characters belonging to another time and place.  You can really learn a lot of history by reading this genre as authors have often had to do a lot of research to make sure that they write in a believable manner.  You can learn about famous people in history and different periods such as Ancient History and World War II. Sometimes there isn’t a lot known about the civilisation because it happened before humans could record how they lived their live in a great deal of detail.  For example, Jean M Auel takes us back to the Ice Age to the Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon periods but apart from remains and archaelogical findings she would have had to rely a lot on her imagination to make these cultures come alive.  I hope you give Historical Fiction a go and check these books out in the Fiction Area.  They’re the funny ones with the castle sticker on the spine. 

Click here to visit an interesting site that showcases Historical Fiction

Year 7 Visit – Oliver Phommavanh

On Tuesday Year 7s were treated to a fantastic visit by author Oliver Phommavanh.  He really was very funny and entertaining with a wacky sense of humour.  If you are in year 7 and would like to make a comment about his visit you can do it here or you can comment on his blog.

Click here to visit Oliver Phommavanh’s blog

Premier’s Reading Challenge – update by end of August

A reminder to everyone about the Premier’s Reading Challenge.  Bring back your consent form and update by the end of August so that we can verify your books.

Here is the link so you can find it quickly:   Premier’s Reading Challenge Login

Sharing is Caring

We have all been reading a lot.  I know teachers have been giving 10 minutes in class and many of us have been reading a lot for the Premier’s Reading Challenge or your own individual personal goals so what about posting a comment here and recommending something that you have enjoyed.

If you want to see what I have been reading locate the 2011 Reading Challenge icon on my sidebar.  If you click on the the tiny words view books you can see the books that I have been reading.  I am lagging behind many of you but I plan to read some quick reads to make up 15 for the end of August so that I can celebrate with you.

READERS’ CUP COMPETITION – Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th August

The 2011  Readers’ Cup Final is on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th.  Come along and take part.  Bring your friends.  There are a lot of door prizes and quizzes for students and teachers in the audience.  If you are in year 7 it’s a good way to find out what it’s all about so that next year you can then get involved.


A teacher has just shared a glog created for ‘Book Week’ which is next week.

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  1. Cain

    My favourite part in the movie was when Professor Mcgonnagle fought against Severus Snape. Professor Mcgonnagle then turned the statues around Hogwarts alive to protect the school.

  2. soroash

    I really loved the part when the stone knights fell from the castle and went to defend hogwarts.

  3. Joanne

    My favourite part in Harry Potter 7 was when Harry looked back in time to see that Professor Snape loved Harry’s mother and has been protecting Harry the whole time.

  4. Kirandeep

    I really enjoyed the movie Harry Potter. I thought the best part of the movie was at the end when Harry Potter and Ginny Weasely come to drop their children for the train to Hogwarts. My favorite character was Hermoine Grenger because she was very brave and intelligent, and Malfoy because at the end he didn’t want to be on the dark side. The movie was emotional, romantic and there were also some funny parts in the movie. It was a great opportunity to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2. We had a lot of fun!!!

  5. Esther

    The movie, Harry potter, was very scary, but it was also interesting and enjoyable at the same time. I mostly enjoyed the part when Neville Longbottom killed the snake just in time and the way Voldemort divided into tiny pieces, when he died. My favorite character was Hermoine, because she was a really great wizard and she seemed really confident as well. I liked the Harry Potter movie because it was emotional, scary and romantic and I had a really good time watching it. IT WAS FUN!!

  6. Anoush

    I really enjoyed watching the movie, My favourite part was when Harry Potter came back and tried to kill Voldemort. And My favourite monster was the fire dragons because they looked powerful and they were huge. And the part when Nagini died was really exciting.

  7. Sahil

    My favourite part was where Harry Potter came back and he tried to kill Voldemort,but he missed then he got some help from his friend and when Neville killed Nagimi.

  8. Peter

    My fave part was when Neville killed NAGINI (snake). Therefore Voldermort DIES. Also I was surprised that Harry married Ginny, and Ron marries Hermione. Therefore Harry is Ron’s half brother and Hermione is Harry’s half sister.

  9. koko

    My favourite part of HarryPotter 7 part 2 is when the Death Eaters came into the Hogwarts School and tried to attack the students, all of the students, teachers and HarryPotter’s friends were collaborating and fighting the enemies to protect each other and to get more time for HarryPotter. I also like the part when everybody was waiting to fight with Voldermort and the Death Eaters. For example, George and Fred were asking each other “are you ready” before the war started and Fred died at the end.
    Harry Potter seven is a really good movie and it’s really sad to know that this is the last movie of HarryPotter. I hope there will be other movies/books about HarryPotter’s son.

    plz don’t put my name on the newsletter thx!

  10. Ishwari

    I really enjoyed watching this film, as it was the most awaited movie. I loved the way it was structured, as it gave the series a truly good conclusion. Fred’s and Snape’s death were the most depressing scenes for me, however the funny bits in the film, covered up for this sadness. Overall, it was an awesome day and I would like to thank Ms.Papazoglou and Ms. Sutton for making this possible. I hope to have further gatherings such as this in the future, as we shall continue to willingly fulfill our job as teen library advisers.

  11. Paige

    I really enjoyed Harry Potter :), i was so excited to watch the film after waiting so long for this movie to come out. The scene that caught my attention was Harry Potter died when he came to face Voldemort.

  12. Bosnian_Bulldog

    i didn’t watch the movie yet but i am guessing it’s gonna make no sense like all harry potter movies

  13. lakesh :)

    i have watched other movies but didn’t got a time to enjoy this movie but one of the movies i like is diary of a wimpy kid 2 it’s a great movie for kids like my age 🙂 love it <3

  14. Muhammad H

    I’ve watched the movie and read the book and i reckon the movie wasn’t as good but there were some parts that were really thrilling and exciting such as the part when, Harry came back to kill Voldemort and when Nagini got beheaded!

  15. Tamara P

    I really enojoyed the movie 🙂 It was a bit scary and intense.. i didn’t like the part where harry potter died because I thought he was actually dead.. but in the end when he came back alive i was glad.

  16. Ollie :)

    I really enjoyed watching the last Harry Potter film. It was interesting to see that Harry Potter could see what part of his life died when he also died. I wished it didnt have to end 🙁

  17. Laila

    I really enjoyed the movie. my favourite part is when voldermort finally dies. i thought the movie was very exciting and very enjoyable to watch!!!!

  18. Tanja

    i really liked the harry potter movie 🙂
    the ending was the best because i liked how hermione and Ron were married 🙂

  19. Tamara :))

    I really enjoyed the movie 🙂 I was really surprised that Ron and Hermione got married. I like the bit when Harry potter died and then came back to life..

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