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Sports Genre & Cybersafety


I’m posting on Friday and it’s freezing and wet outside AND HAILING.  It may not be the best weather for some sports but perfect for others.  I have a better idea why not keep warm and dry and read some books about sport instead.  We have many to choose from and you will have a lot of fun without ever losing your breath 🙂

In the Fiction Area look for the sticker with the running shoe on the spine of the books.

Here are some great books you could try in the Fiction Area:

Specky Magee (Specky Magee, #1...  This is the life and times of an aspiring footy champion by Felice Arena & Garry Lyon.

Lucy Zeezou's Goal  The gripping story about a girl aspiring to be a professional football player by Liz Deep-Jones.

In the Non Fiction Area you can find books that teach you step by step how to play a sport or even biographies, the stories of the lives of  famous sports stars.  For example, you can check out Cathy Freeman’s life story. She is a very inspiring athlete who won a gold medal for Australia in the Sydney Olympric Games in 2000.  Go to the Non Fiction Shelves with books that have dewey numbers on their spines beginning with 796 and you will find many titles there.




There are many more excellent titles to check out so make sure you do that in your Library Lesson.


It is really important that everyone of us works safely with computers and the internet and that we respect each other on and offline.

Year 7

Year 7 students please go to cyberquoll to find out how to use the internet safely.  Investigate the golden rules.

Also look at Budd:e primary.  How valuable is the information?

Year 8

Year 8 students please go to Cybernetrix and investigate the resources promoting cybersafety.  Create a profile and explore various cyber dilemmas.

Also have a look at Budd:e Secondary and learn about keeping yourself safe on the internet.


If you need help at school please talk to a teacher, House Leader, Welfare Coordinator or the Cybersafety Co-ordinator if you have a concern about your safety online.

There are many other government agencies that can help too. Click on the help bookmark to learn more about what you can do and where you can go for more help.

 Cybersafety help