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Welcome to 2012




This is going to be an exciting year as it is the National Year of Reading.  All around Australia, students and their teachers are setting new reading goals and challenges.

The 2012 Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge is now open. This is the perfect way to join in and set yourself the challenge to read 15 books by the end of August.  If you have entered, congratulations!  Now make sure you update regularly so that you don’t forget what you are already reading.

Competitions – National Year of Reading
In this special year – why not try the creative reading competition? The entries will wow you.  Even if you don’t enter it’s worth visiting the site and admiring what some talented students have accomplished.
Year 8 Readers’ Cup Competition
We are also getting ready for the most exciting Readers’ Cup Competition.  We have already organized teams in Year 8 Banksia and Year 8 Grevillea.  Come on!  A little  more house spirit.  There will be a meeting in the final week of Term 1.
Year 8s
During your computer time.  Please go to the Why Technology? page on this blog.  Explore the questions and sites during your time on the computers.
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