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Reading Frenzy




I know many of you borrowed a lot of books before the holidays.

So now is the ideal time to update your Premier’s Reading Challenge and Wide Reading Chart.


One of the books I read during the Term 1 break was ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.  I know some of you have read it by now as it is on the year 8 book list.  I have re-read this book many times.  The first time I read it I think I was in year 8 too and cried so much at the end.  Each time I read it, I learn something different about growing up, childhood, friendship, love and loss and puzzle over the deeply moving messages.  Sometimes the story makes me very sad but at other times it makes me wonder about life and gets me thinking about what is truly meaningful and how important it is to cherish relationships.  I also love the cute little pictures.


I’d love to hear about your reading! What did you read?  Post a comment here.  Look for the little word comment at the end of the post.  Or go to the Inside a Dog register using a nickname and your school email and add your review in the Year 7 or Year 8 Book Club.


We are all unique and learn in our own special way.

Visit the Multiple Intelligences site and take the test to find out more about yourself as a learner.

You can print the pie chart or do a print screen save and save the chart into a word document for future reference.

The chart shows how amazingly unique you are as a learner.  Did you learn something new about yourself as a learner?


Save a copy of the following document into your folder.

2012 Newsbank and World Book Search Tutorial

It is a scavenger hunt adapted from Newsbank and World Book Online and will help you improve your search skills.

Last term we looked at Information Literacy.

An important step is knowing how to search intelligently.

Answer the questions in the tutorial. The questions are designed to improve your search skills and what you learn can be applied elsewhere when you are searching for information.

As part of the tutorial you will need to visit: Newsbank and World Book Online to answer the questions.

Remember Newsbank and World Book Online are databases the school pays for you to use so I cannot post the username and password on this blog because it is on the free internet.  Ask your teacher or visit via the Intranet > Library Links.  The username and password are typed on the link.

If you finish you can go into a draw for a prize!