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2012 National Year of Reading



2012 National Year of Reading

As mentioned before 2012 is the National Year of Reading and there are many events around Australia.

The following is a really cool activity that you can follow up on.

Do you know your classic children’s fairy tales and children’s stories?

Scroll down the minimalist posters in the link below but stop before the name of the story is revealed.

Why not test your knowledge by taking a look at these minimalist posters


If you don’t know any of these stories try to find a copy in our collection or research and find out what it’s about.  These stories are not just for children and it’s important that you know something about them as they are often referred to in many different situations and texts.

Afterwards, you could try and have fun by trying to summarize some of your  favorite stories that are not mentioned on this website using minimalist art principles.  Try to distill your story to one visual creative idea.  What would you draw?

Remember everyone should be updating their Premiers’ Reading Challenge website by now. Hooray the website is ready to go on our desktop too.

To login go to:  2012 PRC Student Login

If you have updated go to the READ page on this blog for some more ideas about how to enjoy reading this year.