I hope you all had a fantastic holiday.  I certainly did. I packed some books with me on my trip to Darwin and, yay, I am so excited because I have now read 16 books since the start of the year.

So if you are registered, update your Premiers’ Reading Challenge site to see how close you are to your goal:

Premiers’ Reading Challenge Student Login

Remember you have until the end of August but if you think that you are way behind your goal you might want to choose some fast reads right now.

Also remember to hand in your signed consent forms! Leave them at the box at the Information Desk!


Have  you ever thought about the effort that goes into creating the title of books?  Obviously, the words have to be carefully chosen so that they appeal to readers and just like poetry there is a little bit of word magic involved.

Sometimes, the words on the spine give you clues about what the story is about, some titles are playful and others sound amazing and irresistible, capturing strong emotions or painting pictures in the readers’ minds.

In this session, we would like you to have some fun.  In pairs or small groups, choose 5 to 10 books and stack them to create a thought poem.  You may have something in mind, a topic or theme and go looking for titles of books that will work for you or you might discover and explore titles and match them as you go.

Have a look at this Spine Poem Gallery by Travis.

I had a go with some books that were lying around at home.  See the picture below. A bit intense, but a nice effort don’t you think.

Once you are satisfied, capture your spine poems on a camera.  We’ll use them to decorate the LRC for Book Week in Week 6!


"Spine Poem - Terrible Times"



Remember, all competition entries are due August 16th.  Hand your entries to the LRC staff to win fabulous JB Hi-Fi Vouchers.

2012Champions Read – Use the theme for a photo, drawing or work of art.

2012Arewethereyet – Write a story about a special place or journey!



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