Please go the ‘Write’ page to find out more about how you can use ‘Storybird’.  This will be the topic of our session this time.

Reminders and Announcements:

(1) Book Week Writing & Photo Art Competitions – Deadline 16th August – hand entries to the staff in the LRC with your names, House & Year Level Clearly Printed to win JB Hi-Fi Vouchers.

See Flyers:  2012Arewethereyet  & 2012Champions Read

(2) Premiers’ Reading Challenge ends early September – Update by the end of August & hand in consent forms.  Make sure your parents sign.  There are 2 places to sign.  Return your consent form and place it in the box at the Information Desk.

(3) Year 8 Readers’ Cup Competitions:  Tuesday, 21st & Wednesday, 22nd August 2012 in the LRC at lunchtime.  If you come both days and return your stamped loyalty card you have the chance to win an iPod Touch.

(4) Year 7 Author Visit:  Year 7s Meet the hilarious & most amazing Oliver Phommavanh on Tuesday, August 7th

Period 1 – Fern & Teen Library Advisors

Period 2 – Grevillea & Hakea

Period 3 – Darwinia & Eucalyptus

Period 4 – Banksia & Callistemon

(5)  Year 8 Author Visit:  Year 8s meet Mandy Ord – Graphic Novelist – on Tuesday August 14th.  Graphic Novels is a growing genre and we have the opportunity to find out all the inside secrets from a real life author.  How awesome!

Fern & Grevillea

Banksia & Callistemon

Hakea & Teen Library Advisors

Darwinia & Eucalyptus




Did you have a chance to see the Olympic Games Ceremony?

It was so very exciting!

Literature was often the focus at the ceremony such as ‘Mary Poppins’ and a huge Harry Potter’s Voldemort was there.  J K Rowling, one of the most successful children’s author made a guest appearance too.  The ceremony demonstrated another good reason why you should read fiction, otherwise, it could be difficult to keep up with what is going on around you.

Many other famous people showed up including Mohammad Ali, one of the most famous boxers who now suffers from Parkinson’s, and Sir Tim Berners Lee who invented the internet.  Someone asked me why do they speak French and English at the Games.  Do you know why?  If you want to find out about the history of the Olympic Games remember World Book Online is a great authoritative reference that you can trust! Try that first!



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  1. cain

    The three finalists of the readers cup were Banksia, Fern and Grevillea. The book they had to read was Punchlines writen by Oliver Phommavanh. The presentations were exciting and interesting. they did a great job. In the end Fern won. Good luck in the state finals Fern.


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