Over the term, we hope you will have the chance to explore and learn with our new iPods.  We hope this will make learning fun and interesting.

Some things to remember include:

Cybersafety – the devices are for learning.   Don’t put school photos and videos on the internet because that could be dangerous to some students and you could be breaking laws.  Always be nice and treat everyone with respect online and offline.  Remember we have a cybersafety co-ordinator Ms Ellins and the Technicians who may have to intervene if you do the wrong thing.

Copyright & Creative Commons, make sure you have permission to use photos etc. and give correct attribution to anything you use such as images, music etc.

Respect: Make sure you respect and care for the equipment.

Apps: the apps we use on the iPods will have a learning focus and you should not put anything on our devices or on the internet that is against the school rules.


We talk about apps on iPods and iPads.  What do we mean by the term ‘apps’? Have a look at this video which explains it all:

Apps explained by Common Craft



Have a look at this interesting video that will help you understand how to download photos and music etc. legally. All the different elements in creative commons licenses which give you permission to do this can be confusing but this video makes everything crystal clear:

Creative Commons Licenses Explained

Or try this entertaining video:

Baking the Creative Commons Licenses explained

Because the videos are on youtube you can only view it at home.

At school, have a look at the following website which also explains it all:

Flickr – Explore Creative Commons


Have a look at this cute video which explains why it’s important to give credit if you use other people’s work such as pictures and music.

Credit is due – The Attribution Song

Credit is due – The Attribution Song and some of the complexities of the meme song and its significance are explored here.

Use pictures from this tool to help you give appropriate attribution:
Flickr – Search and Stamp



Animoto is an app that can turn your photos and videos into professional video slideshows.

Have a look at the one I put together for the Readers’ Cup Competition.

The link is on the intranet.

If you are working on the iPods there is an education account that you can access.

If you are on your laptop or on a school computer you can try signing in for a lite account which is free.

Remember, when you sign up, sign up for the free Lite app, protect your privacy, never use your real name and always use your school email.

Animoto Sign Up

Animoto has many educational uses. You can use it to show what you have learnt, to reflect on a topic, to do a book review or book trailer.

If you prefer, you can explore Photostory.  Go to the Edustar symbol click on Art then click on Photostory.

Remember not to place the photos or videos on the free internet, Facebook etc.  You can give your teacher the link to your slideshow and we will place the best ones on the intranet!

This is what you have to do for the topic of your video:

Year 7s – VIDEO TASK

Work in pairs and create a slideshow reflecting on your Passport to Asia Project.

Some questions you might consider:  What did you learn about your country?  What did you enjoy?  What did you learn from the other Houses you visited?  Why do you think this project was fantastic?  How could it be improved?

Use photos from the projects which have been placed on the intranet for you.

You can use Animoto or Photostory to create your video slideshow.


Year 8s – VIDEO TASK

Working in pairs create a video for the new year 7s on the importance of reading.

Questions you might consider include:  Why is reading important?  What are the benefits of being a reader?  What do you enjoy about reading?  What books do you like?  Where do you enjoy reading? Any other ideas for convincing year 7s about the importance of reading?

If you are using the iPods you can take some photos.

If you are using the computers use Flickr Search and Stamp

You can use Animoto or Photostory to create your slideshow.


Enjoy!  Remember to give credit. Only use a nickname.  We will add links to the best slideshows on the intranet.


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