Storytelling is essential to humans. It is a means by which we make sense of our life experiences and a powerful way to learn and have fun.

New technologies such as the internet and computers, iPods and laptops have cranked up the level of fun and means more and more people can participate and tell stories.

Storytelling is a great way to improve your communication skills, increase your knowledge, vocabulary, grammar and so much more…

Remember, to keep borrowing and to continue reading heaps! Reading is a great way to learn and improve your storytelling!

The goal is for everyone to find at least 2 books they enjoy!


Story Kit is a free app that allows you to edit and customize some old, classic picture books.

We have added Storykit to the iPods if you would like to have a turn.

You can also use this app to create your own books from scratch.

You can type in text on each page, attach photos (as long as there are photos stored on the device), or draw your own illustrations.

The classic tales stored in the app are a version and interpretation you may not have heard of before.

Feel free to change and add your own twist to some well loved tales.

This app has a social networking element in that if this was your device you could share your stories via email.

Wacky Web Tales

Try your hand at some of these stories.  Fill in the blanks to create a wacky story.  This is a fun way to learn the elements of storytelling and your grammar or parts of speech.  If you are unsure about the parts of speech click on the help page.

NanoWrimo YWP

If you are enjoying storytelling why not take up the ultimate challenge?  NanoWrimo is an international writing project that brings together people who love writing and books.  The challenge is to write your own book in November.  Students can participate by joining up and coming to the LRC during November.  Ms Sutton, myself and interested students will meet at lunchtimes in the Fiction Room during November.



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