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Critical Evaluation of Websites





Earlier this year we talked about the Internet and the fact that anyone can create a website which makes it really hard to work out what is good reliable information and what is not.

We used Kathy Schrock’s 5ws for evaluating websites to help us critically evaluate websites such as the Tree Octopus.

We looked at the video of the Tree Octopus and laughed because it was so obviously a hoax.  Here is another video which has been made to look more real.

A video explaining the Five W’s.  Have a look at this!

Then of course there are all sorts of conspiracy theories and people out there who purposefully put out information that is biased or factually incorrect.

Asking the questions that are contained in the 5Ws of Website Evaluation can help us critically examine websites and work out if the information is reliable or not.

At school, you are often asked to find information about people, places and things you don’t really know much about so having a list of questions to ask can be very handy.


Find information about Christopher Columbus – Answer 3 questions:

1.  When was Christopher Columbus born?

2.  In which year did Christopher Columbus leave Spain in the Santa Maria?

3.  When did Christopher Columbus die?

5W’s Evaluation Sheet

Use these sites to explore – keep all websites open and move from one to the other comparing and critically evaluating as you answer the questions:  

Christopher Columbus bio

All about explorers – Christopher Columbus

Worldbook Online

Compare Results from these websites.

What was the same?

What was different?

Which website is reliable and trustworthy?