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Welcome back in 2013



Welcome back in 2013

Welcome to all our students in 2013 and in particular a very warm welcome to our new year 7s and our returning year 8s.
Some new things for 2013 include:

  • You can now borrow 6 books for 2 weeks and 6 non fiction books for 2013.
  • Everyone will be registered for the 2013 Premiers’ Reading Challenge this year.  It will be easier than having a paper record as well as a list on the internet.  Ask us about how to get started.
  • Our new library website.
  • The school Photo Day will be soon, so new library ID cards will be available very soon.
  • You will continue to visit the LRC once every 2 weeks with your class.
  • Your Information Literacy Sessions will support your wide reading and learning about research skills, digital literacy and digital citizenship.

First Information Literacy Sessions:

Year 7s:  You will take a tour around the LRC.  The website: Passport Around the LRC – designed to help you become familiar with the spaces and services offered in the Learning Resource Centre.  Answer the questions on your paper passport.

A special website has been set up.

This year we have set up QR codes in the hope of using our iPods.  The new technology helps you to learn differently and to discover information.

If you want to find out more about how much technology has changed have a look at the slideshow and youtube video hosted on this great web article.

Year 8s:  

To celebrate Safer Internet Day – a worldwide celebration we are going to look at information about protecting our privacy online.

Step 1:  Take the quiz to find out how cybersmart you are.

Step 2:  Read the article about how to protect your privacy online.

Step3:  Draw up a table with 2 columns.  Copy 5 ideas about how to protect your privacy from this website and rewrite them in your own words.  You can add your ideas too.

Step 4:  Create a voki avatar – remember to protect your privacy online by not signing up with your real name etc.  Use the voki character to present to your fellow students your advice and ideas about how to protect your privacy online.