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Harmony Day




Harmony Day

On 13th Feb it was National Apology Day and on 21st March it is Harmony Day.

When I ask students about what they think Harmony Day is about they usually say it’s about our multicultural society.

We do ‘multicultural’ really well at our school but we must not forget to celebrate and learn about our indigenous cultures.

Year 8 Task:

Task 1:  Post to the Wallwisher

Today we will read the picture book ‘Kick It To Me’ by Neridah McMullin.

This tells the story of Tom Wills who lived in the 1800s.  Tom was a legendary sportsperson and  one of the pioneers of Aussie Rules.  Tom was inspired by the indigenous children he played with while he lived near the Gariwerd Grampians in Victoria.  They taught him how to play an indigenous game called Marn-grook. Many believe this game inspired the creation of Aussie Rules.  However, this is regarded as contentious and very little is known about this.   It’s important that we learn as much as we can about the rich cultures that have lived in our country for many thousands  of years.

Visit the Year 8 page on our LRC website and post your ideas about how sports promote an inclusive and harmonious community.

Have a short discussion in your group.

Each group please post at least one comment on the Wallwisher.

Task 2: Update Premiers’ Reading Challenge

Every year 7 and 8 student should be signed up by now. Please see your teachers if you don’t have a username or password.

I hope William’s video at the Ted Conference will inspire you to read a lot this year.

Make sure you borrow at least 2 books and update your reading list!!!