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Research Skills

Year 8 Passion Project

In this video, students from Mr Hong’s class have come up with one sentence which describes how they would like to be remembered by others.

Mr Hong’s Class Video

This video inspired the teachers in the LRC to ask you about your interests. We are calling it the ‘Passion Project.’ We would like you to come up with a sentence which tells us what you are passionate about.

Your sentence does not have to involve causes such as finding the cure to cancer but may draw on your interests in subjects like science, or hobbies like stamp collecting or sporting interests and the like.

The LRC is not just a place that you come to find information for your school projects but a place where you can further your own interests and grow your passions. Some day you might be able to contribute hugely in your area of interest by maintaining a blog or discovering something new.

In the ‘Passion Project,’ we want you to tell us about a topic that you are passionate about, find some information and demonstrate your research skills by writing a short piece. This can be a short electronic document that you email or it could be the start to a blog.

Task 1
Start simply!
What is your Passion Project?
I am passionate about… (Finish the sentence) What is your sentence?

For example:

I am going to write the most amazing book about…
I am going to restore peace in the Middle East.
I am going to create Australia’s most popular video game.
I love finding out about soccer.

Create a word document or a google document and record your sentence.

Task 2 Define your topic

Select the information on the KWL chart

Fill in the information in the first 2 columns to help you define your topic.

In the first column, write what you already know about the topic.

In the second column, write what you want to know about the topic.

Try to narrow your topic to something you will be able to manage.

For example: Dogs might be too broad a topic. You might want to find out more about a specific breed or how to train a dog.

Task 3 Key Words
What are some key words that you can use to find out more information about this topic?
You can use words from your chart or other words that you can think about.

We look forward to finding out about your interests and passions!

Welcome Back in Term 2

Welcome Back to a fantastic Term 2.

I am really excited and looking forward to a fantastic term in the LRC.

Year 7 Fantasy and Fairy Tale Fun

We would like to find out more about you as readers.  So as a first task go to

 You can see the polls on the official LRC website in the year 7 Info Lit page.

Remember to enter the number which corresponds to each question first and then type your answer.

The questions are:

  1.  Who is your all-time favourite author?
  2. Which book changed your life?
  3. What did you read on the holidays?
On our website we also have a video on the chronicles of Narnia as we are showcasing Fantasy and Fairytales.
Yes, in our Fantasy Collection there are handsome swashbuckling princes, dynamic but stylish princesses, fiery dragons and all our stories are set in intriguing interesting places.  So tread gently. Don’t get squashed by a giant and open books with care.  As you can see  it is a hugely popular genre with many exciting books to explore and choose from.
We would also like you to explore Ziptales and all the wonderful resources.  Make sure you check out the Graphic Classics and the Informative Documentary on Fairy Tales.
If you would like more reading choices in an e-book format, please go to the ‘Read’ Page in this blog. There are many worthwhile websites to visit and enjoy.

Year 8 Science Fiction Fun

In our first session we will be focussing on Science Fiction.

As a warm up task go to the LRC website and click on the  Info Lit year 8  page and take the poll.  You can answer 1 or all 3 questions:

  1.  Who is your all-time favourite author?
  2. Which book changed your life?
  3. What did you read on the holidays?
*We will take a brief look at Dr Karin’s presentation on Science Fiction.  I think this is an exciting genre. I particularly enjoy reading works which present a post apocalyptic future but also challenges our values and thinking in the present.  Because is that the future we really want to create?
* Captain Sunita William’s video about life in space is fantastic.  Have you ever wondered how to brush your teeth or go to the toilet in space?  Remember we also have heaps of non fiction books about space and science fiction that are just as compelling.
* I also want to show you the Hunger Games movie trailer.  This really communicates the excitement of this genre brilliantly. Don’t you think?


Borrow at least 2 books.

Update your Premiers’ Reading Challenge website