It is time now to take some notes for your passion project.

Remember it’s so important to take effective notes in order not to plagiarise.

Here is an electronic version of the Note-taking table – passion project sheet.

After you have searched using the key words from your KWL chart, copy the raw information you wish to use into note-taking sheet and then put the information into your own words.  You may wish to copy quotes.  Make sure you paraphrase and summarise into the final column.  You can use heading and dot points.

Effective note-taking means knowing how to put work into your own words and how to quote, paraphrase and summarise effectively:

Have a look at this handout from the University of New South Wales.

A sample essay from the OWL Purdue that also demonstrates quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing.

You will also find the following sites are helpful:

The website from the State Library / Ergo- Note-taking tips

The website from the State Library / Ergo – Quoting Paraphrasing and Summarising

The website from the State Library / Ergo – Recording Quotes


Take notes.

You can do this on paper or download the note-taking sheet and do this on your computer.

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