Harry Potter Week

Harry Potter Week


It’s Harry Potter Week so please get involved:

  • Join the Calligraphy Classes, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and learn to write like they do at Hogwarts in a fancy old fashioned script.
  • Come to the Trivia Competition on Wednesday.
  • Look out for other ways to get involved such as the super quiz and win the coolest prizes ever!!!

In our Year 7 and 8 Information Literacy Sessions this week check out all the Harry Potter Books.

Year 7 Information Literacy Sessions:

1.  Choose and cut out a Harry Potter Bookmark.

2. Personalise your bookmark with an inspiring quote. Choose from these  Harry Potter Inspirational Quotes or look on the internet and find your own.

3.  Have a look at the HP Poster display.  They are parodies of the movie.  Can you guess which poster goes with which movie?  Here are the trailers for all 8:

Make sure you also update your Premiers’ Reading Challenge Website and borrow 2 books!!!


Year 8 Information Literacy Sessions:

We will continue with our Passion Project.  As it’s Harry Potter Week, have you thought about Harry Potter as your topic?

This week we will talk about referencing.  Acknowledging sources and making sure you provide a reference list that someone can follow becomes increasingly important in your senior years of high school and even more critical at University.

Our subscription to the SLASA Online Reference Generator makes it as easy to reference as it is to fill in a form.  This tool helps you reference using the Harvard referencing style.  It helps you put the information in the right order and adds the right punctuation for you. There are other styles too but the Harvard one is very popular.  All you have to do is cut and paste the final result once you have entered all of the information and make sure each source is alphabetically arranged on your list.

Regardless of whether you are using print or non print, if it’s a book, article or website the Online Reference Generator will do the work for you.  Just click on the right format and the rest will be taken care of.  At the end, cut and paste the reference generated into your list.  Your list should appear at the end of your project with a clear heading such as ‘Reference List’.


1.  Start a reference list.  Use the SLASA Online Reference Generator to ensure that you acknowledge sources for your project correctly.  Go back to all of the websites, articles, books etc.

2.  Go to Flickr Search and Stamp and download a picture for your project, if you haven’t done so.

3.  Organise your notes.  Make sure you have downloaded all of the documents in one folder in your work documents or a Notebook if you are using Evernote.  Documents such as the Passion_Project_Rubric_–_Self_Final(2) and your Note-taking table – passion project sheet.

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