Monthly Archives: August 2013

Book Week Roundup


Congratulations to Eucalyptus 8. The winners of the trophy. Congratulations to Grevillea 8 who came second and Hakea 8 who came third. All agreed the Readers’ Cup was the best we’ve ever had and that it keeps getting bigger. Congratulations to the winners of the writing competitions and the winner of the iPod touch!!!

Also congratulations to all the year 7 and 8 students who were great audiences for our fantastic author visitors: Oliver Phommavanh and Scot Gardner. It’s been a great book week, in fact more like a great book term!

Premiers’ Reading Challenge

If you are close to completing the challenge you still have till September 12. We encouraged everyone to aim for August 31st so you didn’t miss out but in actual fact the last day is September 12. So good luck to all. The LRC Team is also thinking about getting a trophy to reward the House that has done the most reading. Some of you have broken personal records so well done.

Year 8 Passion Project

We are also extending the due date of the Passion Project to the end of the term.

1. Remember how we started with one sentence which expressed something you are passionate about.

2. We used a KWL chart to work out the points we wanted to share about our topic and what we needed to research.

3. We took the keywords from the KWL chart and searched our catalogue and the internet using good search strategies such as advanced search strategies in google.

4. We used a note-taking chart to take notes. We evaluated the sources, checking that they were good.

5. We created a folder and put all of our documents together. Some of us used used Evernote to get organised.

6. We used the note-taking chart to take notes. We put everything into our own words, organised quotes, summaries and paraphrasing. We then organised the notes, looked at the points we already knew and wanted to share, what we found out from our research and thought about creating a page of information presented in a way which will engage the interest of our audience.

7. We used the SLASA online generator to make a reference list. We also used pictures from flickr search and stamp because the owners have given permission and because photos contain a watermark which easily identifies the person who created the photo.

8. After proofreading our work we send all of the information electronically, including the criteria sheet which we have used to personally assess our work and background notes to our teacher, demonstrating that we have understood the research process.

9. Good luck!!! I know as a teacher I am personally looking forward to finding out more about your passions and personal interests.

10. Students who complete this project will be congratulated and awarded a special certificate award in term 4 when students also receive certificates for the Premiers’ Reading Challenge. Students will also present their work to others in their small Information Literacy groups. All of the documents, the rubric (criteria sheet), note-taking sheet, kwl chart, website links in fact everything you need is on the year 8 Information Literacy page on the LRC website.