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Welcome to Term 4

Welcome to Term 4

Welcome back in Term 4. This will be an exciting term with lots of celebrations. Even though the Premiers’ Reading Challenge has finished we will continue to read. Check out the Honour Roll which has been updated. Congratulations to you if you met your goal or if you read a lot for you. Remember to continue reading.

Some of you might have seen the new Percy Jackson movie at the cinema.

Of course the books are always better. So check out the Percy Jackson books that we have. We also have books on Greek Myths and Legends if you are interested.

Reminder: NanoWrimo – Love books? Why not write one. Writing a book in the month of November starts now. We meet every Tuesday in October to sign up and plan. In November we begin in earnest. We would love you to join in.


Year 7

In our first session we will be discussing bullying and cyberbullying.


Task 1 :  Visit the site Take A Stand Against Bullying site.  Explore this site.  Build your avatar and add your message to the gallery so that we can take a stand against bullying.

Task 2:  Visit the What should I read next database and enter the names of books and authors you have enjoyed.  See if you can find a list of great books to search for in our collection.

Year 8

In our first session we will be discussing selfies and sexting. Go to the LRC website Year 8 Info Lit page for all of the links if you would like to learn more. Also visit the website to complete the survey. Thank you for your participation.

Task 1: Visit the What Should I Read Next Website and type a title or author in the search box. The website will analyse the DNA of your book and search through a huge database to recommend books or authors like it. Give it a try! Then have a look to see if we stock some of the books. You might like to write down a few titles before you search our shelves as that might increase your chances of finding something you are interested in.

Task 2: Students Complete Survey on Social Media Use. Visit the LRC website and fill in the information.

Share answers in your small groups.