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Welcome Back in Term 2




I’d like to welcome everyone back for term 2.a

Please make sure that you are taking the time to browse the shelves and to borrow books that you will enjoy.

Also make sure you continually update your Premiers’ Reading Challenge list.

Year 7s – Worldbookonline

Please try Worldbook Online as it is a valuable database for your research paid by your school.  This is a scholarly resource with reliable information and lots of great tools to help with your learning.  The username and password can be found on the intranet or ask your teacher if you are not sure.  We will give you a sheet with information you need to find out.  The sheet is designed to help you navigate and learn about the features of World Book Online. I really like the read aloud and translation tools. Go ahead and try these fantastic features.

Year 8s – Passion Project

It’s proven.  Students learn best when they have choice and the power to learn what they want to.  The Passion Project gives you this choice.  Visit our LRC page for all the great links to help you with the Passion Project.  Students who complete the Passion Project will receive a Passion Project Certificate.  We will be giving these out when we give out the Premiers’ Reading Challenge Certificates.  So what are you waiting for?  What inspires you?  Use Evernote to organize yourself during the Passion Project.

Session 1 of the Passion Project:

1.  We want you to complete one sentence statement that sums up your project.  E.g. I am curious about time travel.  I want to find out about the best way to go about dog training.  or I am passionate about soccer and I want to learn more about the history of the World Cup.  Write the sentence in a note in Evernote.

2.  Draw up a KWL chart in Evernote.  You can do it in Word first and copy it into an Evernote note when finished.  You need 3 columns.  In the first column write what you already know about your topic.  In the second column, write what you want to find out.  Leave the third column for the end.

3.  Make your Passion Project Notebook public.  Send us a link.  Go to the website and fill in the survey.  Hopefully this will work and we can have a list of notebooks and see how your projects develop.