Search Strategies



Search Strategies

We will continue to work on refining search strategies.  As well as using tools such as advanced search remember to be flexible and look for synonyms and other words with similar meanings that you might be prompted to use by words you discover in articles in the databases or the google search box.  But some news first.

Premiers’ Reading Challenge News

The challenge is on!  I wonder which class will get the most students over the line this year.  We have never had a class which has all completed.  Make sure you keep reading.

As part of its 10th year celebration, the PRC, in conjunction with Penguin Books Australia and Herald Sun, is also holding the first Book Trailer & Book Cover Design Competition for Victorian Secondary School Students in 2014 from April 28 – July 31.

For full details visit:  Paper Cuts 2014

Free Audio Books

SYNC offers 2 FREE audiobooks each week from May 15 – Aug 20, 2014.

If interested you need to download and install the Overdrive Media Console.

Go to this page for download help.

Year 7 Task & News

This time we will have a look at Newsbank.  Newsbank is a fantastic online database that helps you search the text of articles published in Australian newspapers since 1999.  We will practise navigating around the database and learning about how to improve our search strategies.  Your teacher will give you a worksheet to help you with this.

Oliver Phommovanh, the zaniest, wackiest, most hilarious author will be treating all of year 7s to a fantastic presentation.  We have plenty of Oliver’s books.  Why not borrow one ahead of his visit?

Year 8 Task

Continue with your Passion Project.

Firstly Download to PC & Register Online to Evernote (2 free versions of the program), also download Evernote Web Clipper to your tool bar menu (for clipping images, online articles etc.) and also  Clearly to your menu (for clipping articles in an easy to read format). Remember when signing up for anything to think about privacy.  Use a nickname and your school email. Work safely online at all times.  Don’t put anything up in a public space that you will regret later.

1.  Create a Notebook in Evernote.  Call it 2014 Passion Project

2.  Complete your one sentence statement that sums up your interests.

3.  Fill in the K and W columns of your KWL chart.

4.  Refine your search terms and strategies.

Think about the types of resources you will need:  articles, reports, data, images etc.

Where will you look for information on your topic? In newspaper articles, google, Worldbook Online, Book in the LRC.  This will vary depending on your topic.

Make sure you look for a variety of sources and think about the quality of the information.

Have a look at My Passion Project and the synonyms I used.

Use Evernote to keep everything together, images, articles, chart and your own thoughts.  Remember you can attach word documents etc.

Remember:  All of the documents and information you need about the project is on our official LRC  website.



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