Mid term news


Year 7

In the next two weeks we will be having a good look at Referencing using SLASA. If you are working away from school visit the LRC homepage and enter via the intranet link.

Year 7 Task:  Use the Middle School online tool to help you reference 3 books you have read this year.


Over the next two weeks there will also be a letter to send home to your parents about our exciting plans to get all of year 7 students blogging.  Listen carefully.  Think about the purpose and audience of your blog.  Pause and think about how to best protect your privacy, respect others online and generally work safely and responsibly.

You will have the opportunity to personalize adding lots of fun stuff such as videos and avatars on your blog that shows off what you have learnt.

To get you in the right thinking space answer the following question:


Year 8

Passion Project Pause

Before we start teaching you Notetaking Skills it is imperative that everybody collects 3 pieces of information.

The format can vary depending on your topic.  It can be information from books, magazines, encyclopedias, online articles or videos or other.

Think about the source and if it is good quality information that you can use.

It is okay to feel uncertain at the early stages of a project but you have to push through.

Year 8 Task:  Find 3 pieces of information today.

Unsure?  Go back and have a look at my Passion Project in my Evernote account and the information I have compiled.  I have bookmarked some videos that look informative:  https://www.evernote.com/pub/mpapaz/2014passionproject 




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