Monthly Archives: January 2015

Welcome Back in 2015

I’d like to welcome new students and returning students to what will hopefully be a great school year in 2015.

On the holidays, I broke my wrist which meant I had a lot of time for reading.

One of the conditions of this class is that we are all readers and we are expected to read this year and share information about good books we have read.

Now I wouldn’t recommend breaking your arm to get your reading done but here are some books that I managed to read on the holidays :

1.  ‘Anne of Green Gables’ – This is a wonderful classic by L M Montgomery that I would recommend to everyone.  Anne is an irrepressible orphan with an incredible imagination who endears herself to the Cuthberts.  Originally, the quirky middle aged brother and sister were looking to adopt a boy to help on their magnificent farm but never looked back after Anne came to stay and won their hearts even though she has her own way of doing things that gets her into trouble.  This is one I’m going to add to the Book Draws.

2.  ‘Paper Towns’  – is by John Green the same author who wrote ‘The Fault in Our Stars’.  Quentin and Margo discovered a dead man when they were 9 and this experience unites them in a special way.  Margo has quite a troubled life but before she goes missing she enlists Quentin’s help to seek vengeance from people who have wronged her.  Quentin with the help of his friends follows clues and tries to find out what happened to Margo who he has not stopped loving since childhood.  This is a young adult book and recommended to students who enjoy mature themes and books about relationships and self discovery.  This is another book I will add to the Book Draw.

3.  ‘All The Truth That’s In Me’ by Julie Berry is also for students who enjoy dramatic love stories.  The society in this novel is puritanical and backward.  Judith, the main character, and her friend go missing but two years later only Judith returns unable to speak about what happened.  She is blamed for what happened to her friend and lives as a virtual outcast by her family and society. Ultimately, it is a love story told in the second person with Judith relating her story in a sincere voice to Lucas the boy she has not stopped loving.

4.  ‘Dead Dog in the Still of the Night’ by Archimede Fusillo.  I read this book because the author is visiting our school to speak to year 9 students.  It’s a great story about growing up and captures the colors and voices of multicultural Australia.  Life’s tough for Primo who is trying to finish year 12, help his brother with his marriage, deal with problems with his girlfriend and also with the little problem that he has damaged his father’s antique car.  There’s some interesting fight scene action with shady characters and of course a dead dog features in the story.  Read the story to find out where and how.

Other books I read:

The Power of Habit – Why we do what we do and how to change’ – by Charles Duhigg – Yes it is possible to change.  I read this book to help me understand how to help students make reading a habit.

‘Notebook Connections – Strategies for the Reader’s Notebook’ by Aimee Buckner –  I read this one to help me teach better and help students with their reading.

‘Making Connections with Blogging – Authentic Learning for Today’s Classrooms’.  I read this one because I think blogging is fun and would like to help students learn how to do this.

‘The Twelve’ by Justin Cronin – This is an adult futuristic vampire book and the sequel to The Passage by the same author.  I read this one for fun.

‘Shy: A Memoir’ by Sian Prior – This is the true story of a journalist who has led a very public career and who shares personal insights about what it is like to suffer from shyness.  Also the author shares a good deal of interesting research on the topic of shyness.