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Term 1 Reading

Just discovered this delightful video featuring Anne of Green Gables re-imagined for our times.  What a fantastic way to enjoy the text anew and a great creative way to respond to a classic.



Exploring Jackie French books

This term I have had a lot of fun dipping into some Jackie French books.

The first one which I have finished is called Hitler’s Daughter.  Imagine if Hitler had a daughter.  That’s what a bunch of Aussie country kids did as they waited for their bus to arrive on the way to school.  A great way to learn about the past and ponder some of the moral questions of this awful time.

The other book I am currently reading is called, The Goat Who Sailed the World and for this one we are aboard Cook’s Endeavour.  The journey is told through the eyes of Isaac, a twelve year old boy who is an apprentice and has to make his way in the world because he is not the eldest son. We also get the perspective of Captain’s Cook grumpy goat.  It’s not only a fun way to learn about history but geography and science as well as one of the main purposes of the expedition was to travel to Tahiti and measure the transit of Venus.  Discovering Australia was only a bonus!

I would recommend both books to any year 7 and 8 student.

Some of the books on my To Read List include:

Wonder by R J Palacio

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfield

Remember good readers always have the next book ready.