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Term 3 – Let’s get blogging

A blog is a website that can be anything you want it to be.  A class blog can show the world all of the amazing learning that you are accomplishing at school and inspire others to learn and grow too.

On a school blog you can:

  • share your ideas
  • find a larger audience than just your class
  • get feedback in the form of comments
  • showcase your learning
  • reflect on your learning
  • see how much you have learnt over time
  • and much much more…

But before you rush to write your first post we would like you to pause and consider another important thing about blogging and that is the opportunity to be part of a bigger community and as such you will be:

Commenting and giving feedback to bloggers in our school community not just students in your own House

It might feel strange at first but what we are doing is building a larger community of learners.  The fantastic thing about the internet is that you can access a wider audience. There is an opportunity to receive and give lots of feedback and comments to and from lots of different people. Constructive feedback can help you grow enormously but hurtful comments and bullying can set you back.  So the plan is to build a supportive community of learners at Dandenong High School before we take on the world.  A community that is based on respect.

Remember that as learners we need to have some guidelines and an etiquette that we follow in order to respect everyone online just as we do in real life. Go to the Blogging 101 page.   At school we have rules but online we have to be super careful and also protect our own and each other’s privacy and safety.

We also need to be resilient and learn to be stronger individuals that learn from mistakes and challenges and be prepared to take risks by putting our work out there.  We can only do that confidently if we know that our community is a supportive one that doesn’t judge us but helps us learn.


Discussion Activity:  In your table groups you will do a scenario activity to help you think about posting appropriate comments, cybersafety, digital citizenship and your digital thumbprint.    How do you think you should respond to the issue based on the class blogging regulations (see Blogging 101)?  Elect a speaker in your group who reports back to the class.

Blogging Activity: Explore and read some of the student work on the 8D Class blog.  You can find a link to their class blog on the right hand side of this blog.  Students in 8D have been blogging for nearly a year now.  Practise by making suitable comments and giving feedback to these students.  Have a look at some of the reminders below before proceeding.


Knowthenet presents Manners Matter

Knowthenet presents Manners Matter the online Netiquette Do’s and Don’ts infographic.