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Join NaNoWriMo YWP in 2015

It stands for National Novel Writing Month and we start planning in October and write in November.  We only count the words that we write in November.

It is an international writing program but we have been running it at our school for 4 years.

It doesn’t replace English but it is intended to get you writing regularly and overcome writers’ block.  I don’t correct your work or publish your story but you might want to check Wattpad if you want to publish your story.

You can write about anything, your life or it can be totally imaginary.  If you are stuck for ideas come to our lunchtime sessions and we will try to help you and show you where you can find ideas.

I am really excited that we have over 100 students joining our community of writers this year.

Let me know if you want to sign up to the program.  Remember a participation certificate is 33.33333 words a day.  Everyone can do that.  Sign up with me to participate.  You are welcome to write in the Fiction Room at lunchtime and bring your lunch too.  We will launch NaNoWrimo YWP with a special treasure hunt this year.

Here is the summary of my story:

The Codex

A troubled orphan lives with the Smeelies, his foster family of last resort. But trouble, in the form of fire always seems to break out and cause havoc at every new placement and family he is sent to live with. His case worker Helen warns George that if he doesn’t make it work with the Smeelies he could very well find himself in a correctional facility for delinquent teens. Unfortunately, George doesn’t know why fires erupt around him and more recently why unusual things have been happening that defy explanation. At school, George’s hideout is the Library where everything is peaceful, calm and orderly. Although he is worried about the combustible nature of books, a fire has never broken out in any of his school libraries so far. On an excursion to the State Library of Victoria with the Library Monitors, an explosion rocks the Lost Byzantium Medieval Exhibition. Through the ripped walls and clouds of dust, George witnesses a murder that no one else sees and the dying man who falls through the cavity gives him a strange untitled little book covered in brown dusty vellum that fits into the palm of his hand. When he opens the book it is like the words are speaking to him and the writing disappears as soon as he reads the message. George is instructed to protect the book that will lead him to safety and that he must urgently step through the breached walls to seek the bear trainer at the Hippodrome. George has no idea what a Hippodrome is and wonders if it is like a zoo but has no choice but to leap through the wall when masked anti-terror agents charge after him. And so begins George’s adventure…

What’s your story?

Legend by Marie Lu

I read a lot of books on the holidays but this is one I can definitely recommend to all teens.  Legend is the first in an epic trilogy and it doesn’t disappoint.

June is looking for her brother’s killer and Day is trying to save his family.  The two are irresistibly drawn in a thrilling adventure.

A compelling read.  If you love the Divergent, Hunger Games or Maze Runner series try this one too.