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April Reading – A Long Way Home by Saroo Brierly


I hope everyone had a restful holiday and managed to fit in some fantastic reading.  I certainly did.

I wanted to tell you about one of the best books I read these holidays which was “A Long Way Home,” by Saroo Brierly.

This is the remarkable true story of Saroo who, at the age of five, was lost on a train in India.

After some hair raising adventures surviving on the streets of Calcutta and being detained in some poor sometimes violent institutions, Saroo was eventually adopted by an Australian couple and grew up in Tasmania in a very loving family.

While very much loved, Saroo never gave up hope of one day finding his home and reuniting with his family.  With the help of modern technology and Google Earth that’s what he actually did and it is a truly inspiring journey.

Saroo makes his remarkable journey home and reveals the love of his two families. His story celebrates our human spirit and the importance of finding the courage to persist even in the face of incredible odds.

If you like heartwarming stories about real people facing amazing challenges then you might want to look out for this one.

Some of you might have caught the movie.  It was called “Lion.” I didn’t, unfortunately, but I thoroughly enjoyed the book and have no hesitation in recommending it and give it a 10/10.

We have a few copies with the original title “A Long Way Home” and some movie tie ins with the title of “Lion”.  Look out for these in term 2, 2017.