Ok so you know my name is Mrs Papazoglou and I love Reading and I’m passionate about wRiting and Research and trying harder in aRithmetic.  I also have the best job in the world which is connecting readers and helping everyone find the information they need and how to use it, among a lot of other things.  I am not a super hero or ok will admit to being a certified Master of the Universe and I can help you find quite a lot of things really; so come and look me up in the Learning Resource Centre.

For all those wondering, the Librarians did not kill the fire breathing dragon hanging in the Fiction Area. No, not at all. That’s just a rumour that was started by some friends in the  Fiction Area who happen to be characters in books and sometimes escape from their thrilling pages.  I suspect they are really the ones who did it.  Anyway, I caution you to tread carefully because our books are dangerously amazing,  filled with action packed spine tingling tales, intensely emotional, contain powerfully compelling stories and characters, so please come in and check them out before they all escape their pages.

See you next time in the LRC.

My goal in 2014 is to get everyone in year 7 blogging.

So if you are in the process of setting up your own blog, visit our regulations page.


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