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Last year the countries that were studied as part of the Passport to Asia Project were China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

The following file contains lists of fiction and non fiction books about these countries that are  in our collection at Dandenong High School.  There is also information about some additional nearby countries that we thought might be useful.

The list is annotated to help teachers and students find what best meets their research needs.

This list is not complete but will be continuously updated as new resources become available.

Our focus this year will be to build more resources for Sri Lanka, Korea and Vietnam as we do not have many books about those countries.

If there is another South East Asian country you would like to cover as part of the Passport to Asia Project please let us know in the LRC and we will try to help.

We will also be adding websites and links to this page to assist teachers and students in their research projects.

In 2012, we will be concentrating on building resources on the above countries unless we are asked to add another country.

Here is the list:

UPDATED! asia literacy resources

A big thank you to Ms Sellenger for her hard work in compiling this amazing list.


Don’t forget that the school also subscribes to a wonderful online encyclopedia:

Worldbook Online

You will need a username and password to access this site.  Ask your teacher if you have forgotten.  Or go to the Intranet which can be accessed from the Dandenong High School Website and log in as you would normally log in to your computer.
To show you how valuable the resource is a quick search on Sri Lanka which the LRC does not have a lot of books on at the moment brought up the following items:
Encyclopedia Articles (104 items)
Maps (9 items)
Tables (13 items)
Historical Maps (3 items)
Pictures (11 items)
Back in Time Articles (107 items)
Special Reports (3 items)
Web Sites (6 items)
Research Guides (1 item)
If you want more current information that has been in the news recently why not check the newspaper database the school subscribes to:


Again you will need a username and password.  You can ask your teacher or visit via the school intranet which has the information on the link.  I cannot post the information here because of our agreement with Newsbank.

For example I typed the words ‘Sri Lanka’ and ‘War’ in the search boxes of the Newsbank database and brought up 17 articles dated 2012 from The Age and The Herald Sun.  There are many search terms you can use to broaden and narrow your search.  The database goes back many years and so it helps you search millions of articles to find the ones you need.


Another great resource is ClickView which is available to you on the school network.  ClickView is a digital library and contains a wealth of video resources that will help you learn more about the country you are interested in.  There isn’t a specific category for the Passport to Asia Project but teachers and students you can do a search for relevant videos.  Click on the word ‘Search’ next to Digital Library on the top left hand corner.  Type the name of the country and return.  The database will search for resources on the country you are looking for.


Asia Education Website

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