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Let your voki do the talking!

What a fantastic session we had and I’m very impressed with your avatars.

The challenge for 7D is to come up with a fantastic voki review like the one completed and shared by your classmate in our lesson today.

I hope you all enjoyed participating in the session.

Remember your voki doesn’t have to look like you.

It can be fun and creative if you want.

So remember, create a Voki.

Go to and click on Voki Classroom.

Then login using the codes you have been given.

Click on Create to start making your voki.

When satisfied record your voice or type the text and choose the voice.

Finally review a book that you loved this year.

In our next session we will play them back to the class.


Mid term news


Year 7

In the next two weeks we will be having a good look at Referencing using SLASA. If you are working away from school visit the LRC homepage and enter via the intranet link.

Year 7 Task:  Use the Middle School online tool to help you reference 3 books you have read this year.


Over the next two weeks there will also be a letter to send home to your parents about our exciting plans to get all of year 7 students blogging.  Listen carefully.  Think about the purpose and audience of your blog.  Pause and think about how to best protect your privacy, respect others online and generally work safely and responsibly.

You will have the opportunity to personalize adding lots of fun stuff such as videos and avatars on your blog that shows off what you have learnt.

To get you in the right thinking space answer the following question:


Year 8

Passion Project Pause

Before we start teaching you Notetaking Skills it is imperative that everybody collects 3 pieces of information.

The format can vary depending on your topic.  It can be information from books, magazines, encyclopedias, online articles or videos or other.

Think about the source and if it is good quality information that you can use.

It is okay to feel uncertain at the early stages of a project but you have to push through.

Year 8 Task:  Find 3 pieces of information today.

Unsure?  Go back and have a look at my Passion Project in my Evernote account and the information I have compiled.  I have bookmarked some videos that look informative: 




Search Strategies



Search Strategies

We will continue to work on refining search strategies.  As well as using tools such as advanced search remember to be flexible and look for synonyms and other words with similar meanings that you might be prompted to use by words you discover in articles in the databases or the google search box.  But some news first.

Premiers’ Reading Challenge News

The challenge is on!  I wonder which class will get the most students over the line this year.  We have never had a class which has all completed.  Make sure you keep reading.

As part of its 10th year celebration, the PRC, in conjunction with Penguin Books Australia and Herald Sun, is also holding the first Book Trailer & Book Cover Design Competition for Victorian Secondary School Students in 2014 from April 28 – July 31.

For full details visit:  Paper Cuts 2014

Free Audio Books

SYNC offers 2 FREE audiobooks each week from May 15 – Aug 20, 2014.

If interested you need to download and install the Overdrive Media Console.

Go to this page for download help.

Year 7 Task & News

This time we will have a look at Newsbank.  Newsbank is a fantastic online database that helps you search the text of articles published in Australian newspapers since 1999.  We will practise navigating around the database and learning about how to improve our search strategies.  Your teacher will give you a worksheet to help you with this.

Oliver Phommovanh, the zaniest, wackiest, most hilarious author will be treating all of year 7s to a fantastic presentation.  We have plenty of Oliver’s books.  Why not borrow one ahead of his visit?

Year 8 Task

Continue with your Passion Project.

Firstly Download to PC & Register Online to Evernote (2 free versions of the program), also download Evernote Web Clipper to your tool bar menu (for clipping images, online articles etc.) and also  Clearly to your menu (for clipping articles in an easy to read format). Remember when signing up for anything to think about privacy.  Use a nickname and your school email. Work safely online at all times.  Don’t put anything up in a public space that you will regret later.

1.  Create a Notebook in Evernote.  Call it 2014 Passion Project

2.  Complete your one sentence statement that sums up your interests.

3.  Fill in the K and W columns of your KWL chart.

4.  Refine your search terms and strategies.

Think about the types of resources you will need:  articles, reports, data, images etc.

Where will you look for information on your topic? In newspaper articles, google, Worldbook Online, Book in the LRC.  This will vary depending on your topic.

Make sure you look for a variety of sources and think about the quality of the information.

Have a look at My Passion Project and the synonyms I used.

Use Evernote to keep everything together, images, articles, chart and your own thoughts.  Remember you can attach word documents etc.

Remember:  All of the documents and information you need about the project is on our official LRC  website.



Welcome Back in Term 2




I’d like to welcome everyone back for term 2.a

Please make sure that you are taking the time to browse the shelves and to borrow books that you will enjoy.

Also make sure you continually update your Premiers’ Reading Challenge list.

Year 7s – Worldbookonline

Please try Worldbook Online as it is a valuable database for your research paid by your school.  This is a scholarly resource with reliable information and lots of great tools to help with your learning.  The username and password can be found on the intranet or ask your teacher if you are not sure.  We will give you a sheet with information you need to find out.  The sheet is designed to help you navigate and learn about the features of World Book Online. I really like the read aloud and translation tools. Go ahead and try these fantastic features.

Year 8s – Passion Project

It’s proven.  Students learn best when they have choice and the power to learn what they want to.  The Passion Project gives you this choice.  Visit our LRC page for all the great links to help you with the Passion Project.  Students who complete the Passion Project will receive a Passion Project Certificate.  We will be giving these out when we give out the Premiers’ Reading Challenge Certificates.  So what are you waiting for?  What inspires you?  Use Evernote to organize yourself during the Passion Project.

Session 1 of the Passion Project:

1.  We want you to complete one sentence statement that sums up your project.  E.g. I am curious about time travel.  I want to find out about the best way to go about dog training.  or I am passionate about soccer and I want to learn more about the history of the World Cup.  Write the sentence in a note in Evernote.

2.  Draw up a KWL chart in Evernote.  You can do it in Word first and copy it into an Evernote note when finished.  You need 3 columns.  In the first column write what you already know about your topic.  In the second column, write what you want to find out.  Leave the third column for the end.

3.  Make your Passion Project Notebook public.  Send us a link.  Go to the website and fill in the survey.  Hopefully this will work and we can have a list of notebooks and see how your projects develop.







Getting Organised



Getting Organised

Getting Organised


Year 7

In this session you will get to watch a very inspiring film The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore.  This film is inspired by Hurricane Katrina and the disaster felt by that community in New Orleans.  It also takes literary and artistic inspiration from the Wizard of Oz and Buster Keaton, a celebrated silent movie comedic actor.

How does this film speak to you about perhaps…

  • stories?
  • reading?
  • readers?
  • writing?
  • writers?
  • books?
  • life and being human?
  • coping with disaster?
  • anything else?


To get to know you and your reading interests a little better we will ask you to complete a reading survey.  Please complete both sides and hand it in to your teacher with your name clearly written.

Year 8

In this session we will have an introduction to Evernote.  Evernote helps you keep your notes and documents organised.  It is a free program and available across all platforms.  You can download an app on your phone or ipad and keep everything synced (updated) across devices as long as you have internet access. The program works with windows too. It means if your laptop is not working, or with the techs etc. you can always use the computers in the LRC and continue where you left off because everything is stored in the cloud. No excuses. You can register for a free online account and also download a desktop client to your own device which really is more beautiful to look at.  Why are we using Evernote?  We would like you to use this excellent program to help you stay organised and  for all the work you do in the LRC.


We may rotate this task over a number of weeks so that the Teacher Librarian can help you in small groups.  This is not an activity that can be done in huge numbers.

After signing up, create a notebook (like a folder) and call it 2014 Info Lit.

Create your first note (like a document).  Call it Reading Wish List.

You can have a notebook for every subject if you want to.

Type up your Reading Wish List in your new note.  You can even attach a word document. Please don’t include personal info here such as your name.

Next, make your notebook public. To do that go to your notebook and click on the arrow.  Copy the public link.

Then visit the LRC website.  Go to the year 8 Info Lit page.  Send me the public link via the Evernote survey form.  Paste the internet address (public link) into the form.

Only people who have the link can visit your page and that will be teachers only but still take care that you do not put personal information into this space such as your full name, address or any other identifying information.





Reading Wish List






Good readers make plans for what they will be reading next.

They enthusiastically belong to a reading community.  They ask their friends about what they’re reading,  join book clubs and willingly recommend books to others.

They get to know their Library, become savvy searchers  and use online tools or blogs to keep them informed about books that they will enjoy.

The activities below are designed to help you develop this way as a reader:

Year 7

In this session, you will be getting to know the genres in the LRC.

You will notice that we have organized our Fiction books a little differently to some libraries.

We ask students genuinely browse and find books to add to their genre list that they would like to explore through the year.

We will also show you how to use the online catalogue.

Year 8 

Try Inside a Dog which is a website run by the State Library of Victoria.

Remember if you sign up, protect your privacy.  Use your first name only or a pseudonym and sign up with your school email account.

You can read or write reviews on this site.

You can browse wonderful YA Literature and develop a to read list.


Try Google Books in your gmail account.  You don’t have to sign up for this one.  Again sample books and add them to My Library.  Make a plan of books you would like to explore in the future.


Use the print list to develop a Wish List.  Discuss your selections with your Reading Teacher who will keep it for you.

Talk to your friends and ask them for books that they would recommend for you and add them on the list.

Congratulations to the students from Darwinia and Callistemon who won the opportunity to read Slated, Amulet and The London Eye Mystery.

Go into our Book Draw and be the next to read:

‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’ by Rick Riordan (the full length novel).

‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck’ the latest bestseller by Jeff Kinney.

The Fault in Our Stars by award winning author John Green.

Book Trailers


Welcome Back in Term 1


Sharing My Holiday Reading

I was reminded that one of the things readers do is share information about their reading.

I read a considerable number of books.

Some of my favorites were:

1. Slated by Teri Terry (Mystery & Crime) (Dystopian)

What happens when you are sixteen and all of your memories have been wiped and you have been given a new family  and have to learn everything from the start?  It’s called being slated and you have to wear a Levo that monitors your moods.

What a frightening vision of the future.  Can you trust the government which tells you this has been done to you because you were either a criminal or a terrorist and this is for your own good and the only way to give you a fresh start?  This is what happens to Kyla.

A great thriller you won’t be able to put down and the first of the series that will have you wanting to read more.

If you love the Hunger Games or the Divergent series then you have to try Slated.

2.  The London Eye Mystery by Siobhan Dowd (Mystery & Crime)

When Salim goes missing from the London Eye, which is like a giant ferris wheel in the city of London, his cousins Ted and Kat work together to crack the mystery.  Ted the narrator is not your ordinary thinker.  He puts his brain together to find the answer.  You will love reading this mystery and I wonder if you can solve the case before Ted does?  Happily the case also brings him closer to his sister who has not always understood and appreciated the different way he thinks. So the book celebrates people and is also about accepting people who are different.

3.  Amulet by Kazu Kibuishi (Graphic Novel)

After their father’s tragic death, Emily and Navin and their mother inherit an old ancestral home.  Their mother is kidnapped by a tentacled creature and Emily discovers a mysterious amulet which also forms a part of her strange inheritance.  There’s a lot to figure out about this strange world and even more interesting strange creatures.  The images are beautiful and even though I have not read many graphic novels the story was really easy to follow.

Welcome to Term 4

Welcome to Term 4

Welcome back in Term 4. This will be an exciting term with lots of celebrations. Even though the Premiers’ Reading Challenge has finished we will continue to read. Check out the Honour Roll which has been updated. Congratulations to you if you met your goal or if you read a lot for you. Remember to continue reading.

Some of you might have seen the new Percy Jackson movie at the cinema.

Of course the books are always better. So check out the Percy Jackson books that we have. We also have books on Greek Myths and Legends if you are interested.

Reminder: NanoWrimo – Love books? Why not write one. Writing a book in the month of November starts now. We meet every Tuesday in October to sign up and plan. In November we begin in earnest. We would love you to join in.


Year 7

In our first session we will be discussing bullying and cyberbullying.


Task 1 :  Visit the site Take A Stand Against Bullying site.  Explore this site.  Build your avatar and add your message to the gallery so that we can take a stand against bullying.

Task 2:  Visit the What should I read next database and enter the names of books and authors you have enjoyed.  See if you can find a list of great books to search for in our collection.

Year 8

In our first session we will be discussing selfies and sexting. Go to the LRC website Year 8 Info Lit page for all of the links if you would like to learn more. Also visit the website to complete the survey. Thank you for your participation.

Task 1: Visit the What Should I Read Next Website and type a title or author in the search box. The website will analyse the DNA of your book and search through a huge database to recommend books or authors like it. Give it a try! Then have a look to see if we stock some of the books. You might like to write down a few titles before you search our shelves as that might increase your chances of finding something you are interested in.

Task 2: Students Complete Survey on Social Media Use. Visit the LRC website and fill in the information.

Share answers in your small groups.

Book Week Roundup


Congratulations to Eucalyptus 8. The winners of the trophy. Congratulations to Grevillea 8 who came second and Hakea 8 who came third. All agreed the Readers’ Cup was the best we’ve ever had and that it keeps getting bigger. Congratulations to the winners of the writing competitions and the winner of the iPod touch!!!

Also congratulations to all the year 7 and 8 students who were great audiences for our fantastic author visitors: Oliver Phommavanh and Scot Gardner. It’s been a great book week, in fact more like a great book term!

Premiers’ Reading Challenge

If you are close to completing the challenge you still have till September 12. We encouraged everyone to aim for August 31st so you didn’t miss out but in actual fact the last day is September 12. So good luck to all. The LRC Team is also thinking about getting a trophy to reward the House that has done the most reading. Some of you have broken personal records so well done.

Year 8 Passion Project

We are also extending the due date of the Passion Project to the end of the term.

1. Remember how we started with one sentence which expressed something you are passionate about.

2. We used a KWL chart to work out the points we wanted to share about our topic and what we needed to research.

3. We took the keywords from the KWL chart and searched our catalogue and the internet using good search strategies such as advanced search strategies in google.

4. We used a note-taking chart to take notes. We evaluated the sources, checking that they were good.

5. We created a folder and put all of our documents together. Some of us used used Evernote to get organised.

6. We used the note-taking chart to take notes. We put everything into our own words, organised quotes, summaries and paraphrasing. We then organised the notes, looked at the points we already knew and wanted to share, what we found out from our research and thought about creating a page of information presented in a way which will engage the interest of our audience.

7. We used the SLASA online generator to make a reference list. We also used pictures from flickr search and stamp because the owners have given permission and because photos contain a watermark which easily identifies the person who created the photo.

8. After proofreading our work we send all of the information electronically, including the criteria sheet which we have used to personally assess our work and background notes to our teacher, demonstrating that we have understood the research process.

9. Good luck!!! I know as a teacher I am personally looking forward to finding out more about your passions and personal interests.

10. Students who complete this project will be congratulated and awarded a special certificate award in term 4 when students also receive certificates for the Premiers’ Reading Challenge. Students will also present their work to others in their small Information Literacy groups. All of the documents, the rubric (criteria sheet), note-taking sheet, kwl chart, website links in fact everything you need is on the year 8 Information Literacy page on the LRC website.

Harry Potter Week

Harry Potter Week


It’s Harry Potter Week so please get involved:

  • Join the Calligraphy Classes, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and learn to write like they do at Hogwarts in a fancy old fashioned script.
  • Come to the Trivia Competition on Wednesday.
  • Look out for other ways to get involved such as the super quiz and win the coolest prizes ever!!!

In our Year 7 and 8 Information Literacy Sessions this week check out all the Harry Potter Books.

Year 7 Information Literacy Sessions:

1.  Choose and cut out a Harry Potter Bookmark.

2. Personalise your bookmark with an inspiring quote. Choose from these  Harry Potter Inspirational Quotes or look on the internet and find your own.

3.  Have a look at the HP Poster display.  They are parodies of the movie.  Can you guess which poster goes with which movie?  Here are the trailers for all 8:

Make sure you also update your Premiers’ Reading Challenge Website and borrow 2 books!!!


Year 8 Information Literacy Sessions:

We will continue with our Passion Project.  As it’s Harry Potter Week, have you thought about Harry Potter as your topic?

This week we will talk about referencing.  Acknowledging sources and making sure you provide a reference list that someone can follow becomes increasingly important in your senior years of high school and even more critical at University.

Our subscription to the SLASA Online Reference Generator makes it as easy to reference as it is to fill in a form.  This tool helps you reference using the Harvard referencing style.  It helps you put the information in the right order and adds the right punctuation for you. There are other styles too but the Harvard one is very popular.  All you have to do is cut and paste the final result once you have entered all of the information and make sure each source is alphabetically arranged on your list.

Regardless of whether you are using print or non print, if it’s a book, article or website the Online Reference Generator will do the work for you.  Just click on the right format and the rest will be taken care of.  At the end, cut and paste the reference generated into your list.  Your list should appear at the end of your project with a clear heading such as ‘Reference List’.


1.  Start a reference list.  Use the SLASA Online Reference Generator to ensure that you acknowledge sources for your project correctly.  Go back to all of the websites, articles, books etc.

2.  Go to Flickr Search and Stamp and download a picture for your project, if you haven’t done so.

3.  Organise your notes.  Make sure you have downloaded all of the documents in one folder in your work documents or a Notebook if you are using Evernote.  Documents such as the Passion_Project_Rubric_–_Self_Final(2) and your Note-taking table – passion project sheet.