In the LRC, we are committed to offering ESL students resources and opportunities which will help you further your learning and English proficiency.  We have a lot of print resources which are ideal for your research or simply for your ‘reading pleasure’.  Come along and ask us about how we can help you with your inquiry or whatever you are looking for.


We provide students with many educational links on the intranet on the Library Links.  You might want to check some of these out.


A reminder that the school pays for some valuable online references.

Newsbank (A newspaper database which gives you access to full text articles published in the most popular Australian newspapers.  The archive goes back to 1999 so it will prove invaluable  to your research – you will need a username and password – ask your teacher or librarian or visit the Library Links on the School’s Intranet.  If you want more information about how to search the database more effectively come and see us in the LRC.)

World Book Online (An excellent authoritative reference – again passwords cannot be posted here so ask your teacher or librarian or visit the Library Links on the School’s Intranet for this information)

Ziptales (An exciting digital library.  There are great stories to read, poetry, language skills instruction and much more.  Check it out.  Unfortunately, I cannot post passwords here but come and ask us or visit the Library Links via the School’s Intranet.)

ClickView (A digital video library that currently can only be accessed from school.  To access this service do a program search on a school computer whilst at school.)

SLASA Online Reference Generator (This resource will help you explain in your assignment where you got your information from.  Remember you must always acknowledge ideas or information you use even if these ideas are from the internet.  If you don’t, you will be plagiarizing which is like stealing and we know you don’t want to do that. You don’t need a password to use the generator but you need to access from the Library Links on the School’s Intranet.  Alternatively try:  bibme or the Ergo Website below.)


The websites below have been selected because they are absolutely fantastic for all students but particularly brilliant for ESL students. So check them out.

Learning Skills – Ergo Website  Ergo is a website which helps break down research, essay and study skills for secondary students into meaningful steps.  The site has been designed and developed by the State Library of Victoria and offers a helpful framework for learning.  So why not check it out when you get that next essay or project.  This site is useful for all year levels.

Online Dictionaries – Word Central A dictionary, thesaurus and offers fun and challenging ways to improve your word knowledge.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab Offers many free resources and exercises which will help you improve your English.

ESL Dictionaries  (There’s a lot of advertising on this website.  Remember to always stay safe online and be sensible.  Some of the resources are great though, especially the online dictionaries.)





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