You can borrow 6 Fiction books for 3 weeks.

You can also borrow 6 Non Fiction books for 3 weeks.


Can It Be for Me? A website with some excellent advice for choosing the right book.


Consider the arguments in this controversial video about the future of the book.

Visit the Dandenong High School eBook Lending Facility.  You can borrow 1 eBook for 2 weeks. If you finish return to borrow another.

The school subscribes to Ziptales

There are also many FREE eBOOKS on the internet.

International Children’s Digital Library

Project Gutenberg Australia

Children’s Books Online Stories from around the World

Lancashire Grid for Learning Website  Literacy Activities and Resources

Free Tumble Books

Links to free eBooks collected by Joyce Valenza  

We Are All Born Free – Read this delightful picture book which uses a simplified version of the Declaration of Human Rights


Inside a Dog  Register at the Inside a Dog Website (a website run by the State Library of Victoria for young people). Register using your school email.  Protect your privacy by not using your whole name or a nickname.  Find out about books, post a review or comment on one of the book clubs I have created.

Literature Map Try artificial intelligence to locate a book that interests you.

Mrs Mac’s Library is a website that has many interesting links and information about how to celebrate reading, Book Week and the National Year of Reading.

Reading Hour

Find out why reading matters.

Reading Hour

Sadly, there are more than 43% of Australian adults who cannot read the most basic reading material.

Let’s celebrate our reading and our opportunity to improve our skills.

Reading is not just a life skill but beneficial to our well being.

PREMIERS’ READING CHALLENGE – This challenge will be back each year.

If you are in years 7 to 10, a great way to participate is by taking part in the Premiers’ Reading Challenge.  All you have to do is read 15 books from the start of the year to the end of August or early September at the latest.  This is a personal challenge not a competition although it is very interesting to see which House will have the most students complete the challenge.  The LRC will organise a trophy for the House that wins based on the most reading done.You have to read for English anyway so why not get some credit for it such as a certificate from the Premier and a prize from the LRC?

To log in to the Premiers’ Reading Challenge go to:  Student Log In

 Worldwide studies show that students who read a lot do well at high school and beyond.

Visit this website to find out more about the challenge:  Premiers’ Reading Challenge Website

Visit the LRC and talk to a Librarian about making the most of this opportunity next year.


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