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One World, Many Stories

Every year the Children’s Book Council of Australia celebrates Book Week.  Book Week this year will be celebrated in Term 3 from August 22nd to August 26th.  Each year there is a different theme and this year’s theme is ‘One World, Many Stories’.  To celebrate this wonderful event the Learning Resource Centre is running competitions open to all students in two exciting categories:  Zine (Students submit an original story) and Book Trailer (Students create a booktrailer to promote a Book of your choice).

Entries in both categories must be submitted to Mrs Papazoglou, LRC Manager by August 12th, 2011 to be considered for the top prize (an ipod for each category) and to be considered for publication.

Book Trailer

The first competition is a Book Trailer Competition.  We are asking students to choose their favourite books and to create a book trailer to promote it.  You might consider the genre ‘Other cultures’ which would include stories about people from around the world.  This would tie in excellently with this year’s Book Week Theme ‘One World:  Many Stories.’


You cannot work in a group because there is only 1 ipod for each category.

You must use copyright free images, music or make your own.

Make sure you reference books you use correctly and all other work that you use to make your trailer that is not your own.

The best trailers will be put on Clickview so that all students can enjoy your creative effort.

Remember the best trailers promote your book without giving away the end.

Try using a storyboard to plan before you begin.

See the Book Trailer Page on this blog for more ideas.


1.  Creative and is your own work

2. The trailer is exciting for the viewer and successfully entices the viewer to read the book.

3.  Does not give away storyline but just enough to entice.

4.  Correct referencing.

5.  Good use of technology, selected images, audio or video appropriate to the book and enhances experience.

6.  Submitted on a clearly labelled USB.


 Zine:  Story Writing Competition (One World, Many Stories)

The LRC will also be running a Writing Competition.  We are looking for budding authors and stories to celebrate the Book Week Theme. The best stories will be printed and published as student ‘zines’ and added to our catalogue for other students to borrow.

Rules for submission:

Your story must be original and in your own words.

Make sure you plan before starting and use interesting writing techniques such as imagery, metaphors etc.

Cut out all the boring bits.

Edit carefully and proofread for spelling and grammar errors.

Your story can be between 400 and 1000 words.

I will be adding lots of links and information in the ‘Write’ Page and the ‘Book Trailer’ page which will help you get started.  Look for the pages listed on the right hand side.


1. Your ideas are original and your own.

2.  Your story has an interesting hook in the beginning.

3. Your story flows compellingly and is interesting for your audience.

4.  Your story finishes in a satisfying way for the reader as appropriate (according to the story).

5.  Vivid words are used to describe setting and imagery

6.  Strong character development

7. Excellent choice of language and expression.

8. Powerfully connects to the theme ‘One World, Many Stories’. 

Hope to see many good entries 🙂