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Improve Your Information Search


So you have a project.  Where do you start?  Your teacher has asked you to come to the LRC and search for information.  Looking for information can sometimes be challenging if you don’t understand how different resources work and where to look for them.

Sometimes teachers insist you use some books.  Why?  How do books work and why might it be a good idea to use them? Have a look at the following PowerPoint.  It helps explain the difference between books and the internet and some of the things you need to think about when searching for online resources.



The internet is vast. Understanding how the Internet or web works and thinking about which search engine to use, making sure you are using the advanced search and the right terms and symbols can really help improve your search experience.

Take another look at the video that explains how to improve your search on the web.

Web Search Strategies in Plain English

Have a look at this diagram which explains how you can use  the words ‘and’ ‘or’ ‘not’ to improve your search.

Rockwell Schrock’s Boolean Machine


Remember there are many search engines not just Google.  Some search engines are Meta search engines like Dogpile and allow you to search several popular search engines at once.  Others allow you to ask questions or categorize information.  Don’t forget to use the advanced search if you are online.  You might want to think about what sort of information you are looking for before you decide which search engine to use.  Have a look at this list.  Is there a search engine you might like to try?



I would like everyone to have a go at the following tutorial.  It’s a lot of fun and interactive and explains how to search effectively.

Tutorial: Searching with Success! By Vaughan Memorial Library

Looking for information can sometimes be like being a detective.  Now that you have all the tips and tricks good luck with your searching.  Hope you uncover what you are looking for.

Remember if you get stuck on your search for information your friendly Teacher Librarian is the most effective ‘search engine’ and can help you search for what you need.  We will definitely try hard anyway!  🙂