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Term 2 – Hunger Games Review

One of my favorite genres is dystopian literature and this is the second time I have read ‘The Hunger Games’.

I love Katniss! She is a strong female character who lives in a very grim corrupt world set in the future. Young people from each of the twelve districts are selected and expected to participate in a violent sport to the death until one person remains standing alive at the end. I’m buoyed by the fact that Katniss, even though she is sixteen, never despairs or loses her humanity.  She is not superficial or concerned with outward appearances, unlike the people from the Capitol who control the games as a sign of their power over the other districts.

Katniss volunteers during the reaping to protect her younger sister from harm and willingly sacrifices her own safety.

Peeta is the boy selected from her district and her feelings towards him become complicated.

The odds are not in the favor of competitors who come from poorer districts but Katniss is a survivor who demonstrates great intelligence and skill.

In the arena, she transfers her feelings for her sister towards a younger girl, Rue, also from a poor district who she tries to protect.

This is a great book for those who love stories that contain a lot of action but the book also challenges our values so I would certainly recommend it to students who enjoy an action book with some depth and substance.

If you have read or watched the movie come to our Hunger Games Trivia Lunchtime Event on Tuesday 16th June.  Come with your friends and make a table.  Winning tables will receive great prizes.  BYO lunch but there will be yummy treats to share.

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