Be a writer.  Be inspired by this rap song which showcases the five writing elements:

Five Elements of a Story Rap Song

Then try these links:

Short Story Writing Tips: You might like to read some of these tips for inspiration.

Story Map :  Use the story map to help you plan the different elements of your story.

StoryBird:  Use this site to write an art inspired picture book.  You can also read books by other users on the site.  What makes this site remarkable?  Well, you can invite and collaborate with other users but make sure you read the other guidelines first.


Remember when you sign up to follow instructions.  If you are under 13 sign up as a kid.  Don’t use your real name – change it to protect your privacy.  Also use your school email, this will help protect your privacy too!





Make sure you read the guidelines carefully and always be nice!



The great thing about Storybird is that you can invite other users to collaborate with you.  But you must always be respectful.  Read the guidelines very carefully!!!





Some more very good advice, please read:







Here are some possible topics to inspire you if you are getting stuck.  These ideas are also useful if you wish to enter the Book Week Competition which closes Thursday, August 16th.  If you use Storybird you will have to supply the website link.  Otherwise print your story when you are finished and hand it in with your name and House and Year Level to any of the LRC staff.

Story Starters:




The inspiration for our writing competition this year comes from Are We There Yet? written by acclaimed Australian children’s author Allison Lester.  Now it’s your turn to write something about a special place or journey.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

* Use an interesting old family photo – use the phot as a stimulus and imagine the story behind it, the situation, the place and people in the photo.  Weave facts and imagination into your story.

* Visit places in the world you most want to visit.  Write the adventure of your life.

*  When I lived in…

*  Travels with my family

* My homeland

* Going Home – Write a story about visiting your homeland after you have been away.

* My life in Australia

* A significant place in my life

* A story about where your name comes from.  Write a piece about your name and the story behind it or of how you were given it.

* My journey to Australia – A True Story

* Write a story that talks about a place that you miss

* A day in  …

* Write about meeting people in a place that has changed in your life…

* A new direction…

* Everything changes…

* That sinking feeling…

* My first trip overseas.

* Write about a situation through the eyes of a migrant.

* Borrow a book about a foreign country that interests you.  Write a story set in this country.

* Who am I?  Where do I come from?

* My happiest memory in…

* My Childhood, growing up in…

* Growing up Asian/European/African in Australia …? Write about the positives or difficulties of belonging to two cultures.

* A good friend from…

* The day after…

* Yesterday

Go to Ziptales and check the story writing resources for help.

Or read stories from International Children’s Digital Library to get some inspiration from around the world.


Writers’ Tips:

1.  Read for inspiration.

2.  Keep a writer’s journal to hone your observation skills.

3.  The story can be simple.  It doesn’t have to be too complicated as it will be harder to believe.

4.  Write about something you feel strongly about.  Have a heart in your story.

5.  Set your stories in places that you love and know well.

6.  Keep writing and practising.

7.  Make sure things happen in your story and that you don’t take too long to get to the important actions in a short story.

8.  Don’t have too many characters in a short story.

9.  Write your story from start to finish in about 100 words so that you know what your story is going to be about.


A great live binder with links to some wonderful websites to help you improve your vocabulary and writing.

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  1. Peter

    Hi this is peter here before the story I was reading a book called “Don’t forget to dream” have u ever heard of it or even read it. The story will take me approximately 2 to 3 weeks I am sorry that I will not be helping but I will try to get it done.

  2. mrspapazoglou Post author

    Hi Peter, I haven’t read your book. When you finish reading maybe you can tell me what it was about and what you liked about it. From Mrs Papazoglou 🙂

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    Hi this is helen and melanie
    were commenting on the day that Simon Higgins visited.
    we thought it was great! The stories he told were really funny and when he showed us some stuff on the sword was AWESOME, we love his book we read ‘tomodachi edge of the world’ and its great! But it was a shame that we didnt get to buy one and get it signed but oh well atleast we met him 🙂

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    Hi im going to write about this awsome writer i know
    he writes the best books in the world his books are about
    places and people in japan by the way my name is hossein
    he is an amazing writer and i think i want to be like him.

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